I absolutely love our schedule lately. I love how much time The Boy and I are able to spend together -how could we not, since he’s homeschooled : ) It’s a great balance between school work for the both of us and other activities. There is something wonderful about the weekend, though. Sleeping in is ridiculously joy inducing. No schedule, no homeschooling, no nothing. Well, not nothing, but pretty close. I still had a teensy bit of homework to do (85% of a lesson) and I’m too neurotic to bypass cleaning for even one day, unless there is some crazy emergency.

Since Little Brooks had his best friend spend the night I was super excited that the boys and the puppies all slept in. We were able to veg for a bit before heading to Little B’s basketball game (they lost, 9 to 14). Afterwards I treated the boys to lazer tag and arcade games in Cove. The kids had fun and Little Brooks was so appreciative for the time he spent with his friend. I love how sincerely he expresses his gratitude.

The day was made absolutely perfect with a phone call from my beau. We hadn’t heard his voice in a few days, and I’d done a great job about not obsessing about it. I know that he wants to hear us as much as we want to hear him, so when I don’t hear from him I know that it’s beyond his ability to do so. I may fret he’s over tired or not eating the way I like to feed him, but still. I know he’s thinking about us as much as we are about him. He sounded perfect, amazing. I could hear a smile in his voice and I love that. It makes me feel better knowing that he’s okay. He was able to talk to Little B, who gushed and gushed to his Daddy, who he misses so much. I love watching those two interact.

The day ended with an amazing dinner with a wonderful friend: great conversations… easy laughter. Perfect!

And tomorrow should be just as promising.