What could be sweeter than spending the day with friends during Valentine’s Day, especially when my Valentine is so far away? I was really looking forward to today, which sounds funny since obviously my better half is absent, but I truly and honestly was.  One friend had invited us to join her and a group for bowling, and another friend treated Little Brooks and I to dinner. And even Little B got to spend some time with his friends. Truly a nearly perfect day, for obvious reasons of course.

Even before all the fun began I decided to call a half day of homeschooling. Sure Valentine’s Day isn’t a huge holiday, but I had decided to administer the TAKS test to The Boy and didn’t want to overload him with testing and a whole bunch of other stuff. He worked so hard on his test, taking it ubber serious, and passed with flying colors. I was mightily proud of him. It’s super hard for him to sit still during classwork. I was pretty apprehensive that he wouldn’t finish the test in time or would lose his concentration. He did neither. High fives for Little Brooks!

The day was made perfect with a round of bowling (whereby I scored under fifty points and The Boy danced and danced) with a great friend and dinner with another. I love that on a day where I could have laid low and felt bad for myself or our current circumstances, instead we chose to focus on the positive with friends we are so truly blessed to have. I don’t count it a coincidence that certain people are placed in our lives. And today of all days, I’m reminded of how perfect all the pieces of our life are placed together. Each piece perfectly complementing the other. Life is truly good.