Oh what a day!

Boy did we keep busy, but best of all we were able to chat with our favorite soldier for a few minutes today. The connection was horrid, but we’ll take a few coherent or even garbled words when he’s so far away for so long. Hearing his voice makes everything and anything better. Pretty powerful stuff!

Obviously in any relationship communication is key. So what to do when that communication is sparse at times, and snail mail is not even an option? You talk really, really fast. And you stick to the major points. You learn to tell the funny stories after any heavy stuff and, this the following holds true for me: I tell him about a bazillion times that I love him and miss him, just in case the call drops.

We were so pleased to get to talk to Brooks today. Anytime we see it’s him on the phone we run around the house hooting and hollering. This is a true story.

So how would the rest of the day fare after such a great start? Thankfully for us today is Tuesday and Little B’s gymnastics day. After a morning of homeschooling we headed into Cove for his class. They did all kinds of fun stuff that made me wish I was enrolled too. Towards the end they had the kiddos take turns climbing a rope.


Now I remember climbing a similar rope in grade school. We had to get to the top and ring a bell. I remember being terrified. If you are even remotely familiar with The Boy you know two things about him… 1. He’s cautious in all things he does. 2. He’s pretty competitive. The latter he gets from Big Brooks, the former… that’s totally me.  I recall watching that child approach the top of the slide as a toddler, giving the height, distance, and danger a good appraisal, then slowly and cautiously making his way back down. In fact, the boy has yet to break or sprain or even bruise himself playing. He’s way to cautious for that. So imagine my amazement when watching all the kids attempt the rope I see my son not only attempt it but make it all the way to the top. The only thing I can think is that he felt the competitive need to make it up there, because he definitely threw caution out the window. Either way, he was so pleased with himself and excited I took a pic so his Daddy could see it.

After a playdate we headed home so I could flex my coaching muscles. I’ve been doing research on YouTube, trying to fill the void left by Brooks’ absence.  I ran him through some conditioning exercises and then some lay up drills. He then “taught” me how to do a crossover (which I miserably failed at).

My favorite part of  the day, after Brooks’ call, of course,  was art. We tried our hands at watercolor resists. This is another project I found on The Artful Parent: http://artfulparent.typepad.com/artfulparent/2009/12/rubber-cement-and-watercolors-another-resist.html

We had a blast and can’t wait for them to dry so we can peel the rubber cement off. I think D.Brooks won’t know what to do with all the artwork we’re sending him!

The last fun thing we did tonight, before vegging in front of the TV to watch Wall E. was to play a rousing game of Balloon Handball, where the purpose of the whole game was to keep the balloons from touching the ground on our “home” side. It’s one of our favorite games and always tuckers me out. Maybe someday it’ll have the same effect on The Boy, who knows? I can only hope.