Friends truly make life sweet.

When I heard about the Bob Bullock State Museum’s Free Homeschool Day I instantly thought that one of my friends might be up to going. With both our busy schedules I love that we are always able to chisel out some time to spend together. Because we’ve both done multiple deployments we experience a lot of the same emotions, etc. I love that I can tell her stuff and that she gets it, no explanations or reasons needed. It just is what it is. So I was naturally thrilled when she agreed to go with Little Brooks and I down to Austin to check out a Texas history museum.

We had too much fun checking out the exhibits and learning about the history of Texas, and all the intricacies that make it uniquely what it is. I have to say, the volunteers at the museum are wonderful people, who are truly passionate about their state. It’s a wonderful thing to see. We even got to meet a real cowboy, which Little Brooks is still tickled pink about, whose family has been ranching in Texas since the 1800’s. We plan to go to the museum again. There is just so much to see, and I think an IMAX film thrown in with the next visit will excite the smallest Brooks in the Julius household.

After our trip to the museum we headed out to check out some of Austin’s trailer food scene. Brooks and I were lucky enough to find a cluster of food trailers during my Dirty Thirty celebration in Austin. I wanted my friend to check them out too, since it’s such a quirky, fun Austin thing.

Little Brooks was ubber dissapointed that the food trailer he was gunning for, Dirty Banjo’s, was closed. He settled on eating at Pig Vicious, a place aptly named for it’s use of the main ingredient bacon. I honestly felt like we’d stumbled upon the word of the day… everything had bacon in it. Brooks settled on a bowl of bacon mac and cheese, and my friend, Tanja, treated us to bacon covered pickles (yummy)!

I, sticking to my I’m-on-a-diet-even-though-I-hate-it guns, chose a super yummy dish from a Vegan food trailer, and gladly was not disappointed.  What I wanted to eat was what Tanja chose, the fish and Chips from Bits and Druther’s. I dislike fish with a passion, but this fish is so not fishy, super moist, and fried to delicious perfection.

The address of those particular food trailers is 1001 E 6th St, Austin. The nice thing about these food trailers is that it’s a cluster of them, with free parking in a lot right next door, it’s super close to downtown attractions, with porta potties to boot. The nice thing is that everyone can choose what they eat, which Little Brooks loves.

After our Austin field trip The Boy and I headed to Cove for my Spanish tutoring and afterwards we met up with Tanja again. She’d been too sweet to invite us to a PTO event at her daughter’s school since she thought LB would enjoy it. The ventriloquist show was funny, and thought provoking. You have to love that!

Today was too much fun! So although we played hooky, Little Brooks learned some new things about the state we currently call home, I was still able to wear

my “teacher hat” while tutoring, and we both brushed up on building a strong character (it’s amazing what puppets can teach you). And all while spending the day with a wonderful friend!

I know I say this often, but I am truly blessed. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!