Today was The Day!

The day we got the go ahead to begin sending mail! Oh, happy day! I’ve been waiting to send him mail, letters piling up by the bunch, since the very day he left. In fact, after dropping him off, I penned him his first letter. And it’s been waiting to hit the mail slot every since. There is something about writing him that I love. I know I talk to him about everything, and sometimes I can see him chuckling because I’m just talking a mile a minute. But there is something about writing him, the house quiet, alone with my thoughts, that is wonderful, all in it’s own.

Sometimes memories of moments shared come to mind, and I find myself sharing those moments with him, reliving them as I write them on the paper. Other times, it may be hopes for our future, dreams to be fulfilled, inside jokes to be retold. And I love knowing, that as I am writing those thoughts, feelings, whatever it may be, that Brooks will share in that moment with me. It’ll be days later, by himself, half way around the world, but we’ll share that moment, even in the absence of each other’s company, and I love that.

So today those letters went out in the mail. And the boy and I began putting together our first care packages. Little Brooks is going to put together his own packages for his Daddy.  He’ll be in charge of what goes in them, how they are decorated, etc. He’s pretty excited about that. I can’t wait for his first letters and packages to arrive. I know he’s missing us as deeply as we miss him, and if we can help make that even a bit better for him, I’m all for that.

Working on his care packages I began thinking that it would be neat to take a small box, let The Child paint it any way he likes, and place things in it that represent the month of February. In essence, we’d be creating small time “capsules” of LB’s time away from his dad. Each month we could take a small baggie and place items in it for that month, and so forth, until the end of the deployment. Brooksy was all for the idea. He began planning some things to stick in there, from a drawing of a bike (to represent his working toward riding a bike without training wheels), to a Chuck E Cheese coin, and a small piece of string to represent the rope he climbed at gymnastics. Once we begin working on the box I’ll put post a picture with all the items inside. I think Big Brooks will get a kick out of it and it’ll be a great way to visually look back at the year when he returns.

All in all we had another great day. We were able to chat with Brooks today, and that always makes our day perfect. After homeschool we headed to Abram’s Gym for a Black History Month celebration. Little Brooks and I were two of only a few people in civilians there. We were glad we went. They had some neat presetations, singers, and a performer. The mayor of Killeen, Timothy Hancock, gave a wonderful speech. They even had some men dressed as Buffalo soldiers which was pretty neat since Brooks and I had learned about them. Afterwards they served up fried chicken, dirty rice, sweet potato casserole, corn bread, and pie. I’m glad I ate before we showed up or my diet would have been straight up ruined! Somehow Brooks made room for that food.

We ran a few errand schmerands today, picking up a few supplies needed for D.Brooks’ care packages. Since were right by Barnes and Noble we stopped in to check out books. One of my fav things to do. I could spend hours in there! Little Brooks picked out a new book and even read me a story. I love it when he does that!

When we came home I made us some quick sandwiches to go with our leftover soup, and lo and behold… The Boy had SWALLOWED his tooth! The loose one. That had me all grossed out. He ate it. With his sandwich. I looked and looked and looked for it, to no avail. When I told him that he’d eaten it he instantly fell into hysterics, throwing himself dramatically over the couch, wailing that it “was all ruined, all ruined! All RUINED!!!!””

That’s somewhat melodramatic, if I say so myself. I still can’t figure out what exactly was ruined, but it panicked me. This kid was serious about how upset he was. I was nursing a headache. Something had to give. So I, the toothfairy, remembered something. A few loose teeth ago The Boy decided that he would save a tooth that had fallen out, instead of placing it under his pillow. Kind of like a savings account. Except in teeth. It instantly came to me… that tooth… I knew exactly where it was hidden…er, saved. I ran into the bathroom, found the tooth, and stuck it in napkin under his sandwich. Then I after some dramatic “second” looking on my part, voila! I found it! Deceptive, yes. It is what it is. So tonight, we’ll place that tooth under his pillow and in the morning the tooth fairy would have visited him and all will be well. And the best part: I didn’t have to pull it out myself!

Oh, happy day!