The Texas Memorial Museum is located at the University of Texas campus in Austin. My Campfire kids have been working on their Environmental Emblem and I thought the museum would make a perfect outing for a weekend field trip. Our group has steadily grown over the past three years, with a total of eleven members this year. Thankfully all 11 kids plus 2 adults fit in two cars, thanks to my co-leader’s huge vehicle.

This museum was one which The Boy and I hadn’t visited yet, so I was pretty excited to check it out. After a picnic lunch with the kiddos on campus we headed to the museum. The museum consists of different rooms, and contains a working paleontologist lab, tons of fossils, and opportunities in abundance for learning and exploring. Although this museum was more of a “Shush” museum the kiddos were really excited about the different displays and opportunities for hands on exploration.  The trip ended with a visit to the museum’s store (a favorite, of course) and a peek at some of the best dinosaur tracks ever found (found near Glenrose, Texas).

At the museum store we picked up a tiny little dinosaur to include in next month’s time capsule for D.Brooks. It’s impossible to go anywhere and not miss him. I always wonder how differently we’d experience our days with him in the midst of it all. He has a unique way of coloring everything we do. We’ll definitely have to visit again with him in tow.

We all had such a pleasant day. I love my Campfire kids and was so pleased the museum was as fun as I had hoped. Next weekend we go camping! The fun never ends ’round these parts!