Monday, Monday, Monday.

Always my most hurried days, after the long break from most responsibilities over the weekend.

I was looking forward to today as my wonderful friend Tanja had invited The Boy and I over to make kites with her two girls. We’re  all heading to the Austin Kite Festival on Sunday, and Tanja suggested that it would be fun for the kids to create homemade kites. I was super stoked! As if the pot needed any more sweetening, she also offered to make Noodle Kugel, a recipe she found on the always amazing Smitten Kitchen : For those wondering, Tanja’s Noodle Kugel was amazing. I’ll definitely try my hand at it when Brooks comes home.

But the fun wouldn’t begin till after five and I had so much to do in between. And to make it more interesting, I woke up at 2am and wasn’t able to go back to sleep.  Until 6am that is, when it occurred to me that doing homework made sense. Which promptly made me sleepy. I had to laugh at the irony. Why didn’t it occur to me earlier to do homework to fall asleep?!

After a half day of homeschooling, Little B began working on his thank you card for the the firefighters of Station Three in Killeen. We had coordinated with another family to help create a meal for the firefighters to thank them for the stellar tour of their home.  We were in charge of providing a salad and dessert. Little Brooks was super proud of the card he made them and was excited to see them again. Showing gratefulness and thankfulness is big for us here, and I want to create the desire in Little Brooks to always show appreciation for others by doing small things that really say, “thank you.”

Before the firestation drop off, however, I had a doctor’s appointment (this was feeling like an errand shmerrand day!) to get to. Thankfully my appointment went well, although I was informed that I’ll need surgery sooner than later. Surgery that requires me staying off my foot for four weeks. I should mention that the foot in question is my driving foot. My driving foot! Which isn’t so bad if I stock up on food and premake some meals and freeze them. And maybe if I get some art projects together ahead of time so I can just put them out for The Boy. I’m a planner, can you tell? I even told Little B that we’d have to put t-shirts on the girls so they wouldn’t shed much so I wouldn’t be tempted to hobble on one foot too often to clean.

I have to say that with Brooks gone for so long it’s not even a question that this surgery can’t happen. Sure it’ll be tough but it’s doable. I never thought to myself, well gee, I’ll have to live with the pain until he gets home. And I’ve been so blessed with such loyal, caring friends I knew The Boy and I wouldn’t be left in the ditch to rot. In fact when I told Tanja, she right away pulled out her calendar so she could tell me when she’d be available to nurse me.  How amazing is that? Because in all honesty I am so independent I hate asking for help. I have to repeatedly tell myself that no one is their own island. We are all interconnected in some way. And there are always times in life when leaning on the support and love of others is not only necessary but freeing and uplifting all at the same time.

So we finally made it to the fun part of our day. Spending a few hours with Tanja and her daughters making kites, talking and laughing, catching up. The perfect ending to a hectic day. I loved seeing the kids put their own unique spin on their kites. Tanja’s oldest daughter was creating these beautiful circles on her and her younger daughter blended some colors to create some unique accents on hers. Little Brooks made a skeleton on one side and then flipped his over and began to use his whole hand as his paintbrush. Hand-painting. I think he was inspired by Tanja’s daughter who used her finger to blend her colors carefully.

I can’t wait to see the kites flying high in the Austin sky!