I knew today was going to be awful. I’m a pretty positive girl. I like to look at something and see all the positive while ignoring all the negative. But there just wasn’t any way to get around how awful today was going to be. Awful, awful, awful.

And to make matters worst, Mondays are particularly hectic at times because of my self-imposed hiatus over the weekend.

The Boy and I were so tired from all the fun this weekend that we slept until the last possible moment then jetted off first thing this morning for my doctor’s appointment at 8. My doctor isn’t even five minutes from my house. I love that. Super early morning appointments are the best! You’re in and out and it’s like a tiny blip in your day. If you try hard enough, you can even imagine it never happened.

So I was being positive and thinking good thoughts. Until my doctor spoke to my cardiologist’s rude nurse and my plans for a blip-full morning came screeching to a halt. What I was hoping would be a blip turned into a test of Herculean patience. Because my cardiologist’s nurse was rather rude and the opposite of helpful I was told to go home and I’d be called to come pick up my prescription.

Oh, no. Come back? Later. To pick up a prescription. At an Army clinic. Later. When it’s busy? When the wait will be ridiculous? What could I do. I put on a smile and left with The Boy to the other pharmacy. The big one at the main hospital to fill his prescriptions for inhalers and allergy meds.

Again, I stayed positive. We got there, actually found parking (like a miracle if you ask me) and made our way to the basement to fill his prescriptions. Once we got called to a window, where they just took the prescription, we were told that the pharmacy no longer carried that particular inhalor and we’d have to come back again. But, wait… we can fill our your allergy meds… just take a seat.

The wait lasted for two hours, whereby my patience was sorely tested AND my smile faded just a bit. It didn’t help that I kept thinking of all the things I could have gotten done in those two hours.

So off we went, without his inhalors, back to the first pharmacy to pick up the now filled prescription that the cardiologist had finally prescribed. Oh boy, oh boy!

Our day didn’t get much better after that. We still had a trip to the post office (another test in patience… why, oh why, must they do everything so SLOW!), a visit to the vet with the girls, a stop at JAG, and dinner on the go. We were home today in the midst of all that craziness for forty-five minutes. Thankfully, that’s when Brooks chose to call us and we were able to video chat.

I learned a few things today.

1. The three dollar co-pay isn’t going to bust our budget.

2. My time is worth more than that.

3. One can always salvage a pretty awful day.

Although the day was hectic, trying at times, and tiring there were still bright moments. Talking to Brooks in the middle of all the running around was wonderful.  The Boy and I got to spend the whole day talking about random things and that’s always fun and interesting. And we still had Brooks’ tryouts for Cinderella in the evening.

The tryouts, by the way, were wonderful. Little Brooks got his first taste of auditions and had a blast learning a dance and singing a song. He was grinning ear to ear the whole time. He knows he may not get called to fill a role but he went in and gave it his best and had fun doing it. He even did some jazz hands at the end of the dance number when the girl told them to do something fun with their hands at the end of the number. He had the whole last row cracking up.

Afterwards we noticed how windy it was and pulled out a kite to give kite flying another try. Little Brooks had trouble getting his mini-kite to fly, though I was more successful and we ended up playing tag with the kite. It was nice to get out of the car and run around laughing and jumping and being silly. Tomorrow should be a much nicer day!