Little Brooks and I spent the morning putting the last minute touches on DBrooks’ care package, baking muffins, making my sister a banner, and packing up the car. We were both so excited about our trip to San Antonio but more so that we’d get to spend some time my sister.

My sister adores The Boy, and for sure the sentiment is reciprocated. In fact, as Little B worked on his banner for his Tia he continually checked with me to see what I thought. He wanted it to be perfect. When we finally arrived at the airport Brooks definitely displayed a case of the wiggles. Even as Bree texted to tell us her flight was making it’s way to the gate, BB was already holding his sign up and dancing around. They are too cute together and I’m so thankful for the time they are able to spend together.

Today was certainly a day to sit back and count our blessings. I am ever so thankful for each moment I spend with my big sis. I am thankful for the love and support she showers on my little family. I feel utterly blessed to count her as my best friend and sister. Being around Bree puts a smile on my face.

After checking into the hotel we headed out to meet with her friends from college. The conversations during dinner were fun,lively, and never ending. When I’m around brenda’s friends I feel two things: 1. I am thankful for people who love her and support her and 2. I can see why she loves and supports them. It was def the perfect ending to the official start of my Spring Break.