Cousins are one of those relationships in life that are undeniably amazing. Little Brooks has been blessed with several cousins, some older, some younger.

My brother has three kiddos: one fourteen, another nine, and the youngest at the sweet age of two. With each cousin he’s developed a unique relationship, all of which have changed over the years.

I remember bringing home Little Brooks from the hospital and being greeted at the house by two very excited youngsters. Hunter was seven and had desperately hoped for a boy baby. He loved his sister but I think he realized there were some fundamental differences in play amongst the two. And sweet little Megs was just excited to have a baby too oohh and ahh over.

Immediately Hunter took to The Boy; doting on him, ever patient and kind. The feeling was mutual, as BB immediately took to Hunter and followed him around like a lost puppy. He could never quite say Hunter; it always came out Honey, and Hunter would accept it with a smile on his lips.

Over the years the kiddos have grown, changed, matured. Although the boys love each other there are fundamental differences between a fourteen year old boy and his seven year old cousin. Both boys know this and have found other ways to enjoy each others company that doesn’t include Little B following Hunter around like a shadow. Their common interests include video games ( not a huge surprise there ) and games like dart tag or kickball.

And then there is BB’s relationship with Megs. They play with dolls, build forts, play pretend, enjoy board games, and giggle and run around nonstop. being similar in age provides them with lots of common ground and they never tire of each others company.

It’s a huge turnaround from where they several years ago when bB was so obsessed with Hunter that he wanted nothing to do with poor Megan.

And lastly, there’s beautiful Samantha, full of eject and smiles, Brooks talks to her in sing song voice while clutching her small hand in his, guiding her, doting on her, loving her.

I’m so thankful for the time he shares with them, the relationships built, memories made, bonds tightly woven. I recall fondly the time spent with my cousins and always look forward to my kiddo spendin time with his.