Today was the last day that I had left to run all my errands and get myself organized before my surgery.

I’m a planner. Being a planner and being a spouse in the military go hand in hand, though I’ve learned, as all military spouses inevitably do, that being a planner also entails being flexible because things are bound to change. I think I find myself more surprised when things go as planned than when things change.

That being said, with Brooks being gone, I’m relying on my friends to help get me through the next several weeks of being off my foot – which includes my inability to drive. I’m extremely grateful for all the support we’ve been given, already, even before surgery day, and remain thankful for all the people in my life that we are able to rely on.

But I hate asking for help. I loathe it, detest it, abhor it. I love helping others but when it comes to asking for help it’s extremely difficult for me to see myself in a position where I need someone to give me a hand. So in a way, this surgery is a good thing because it’ll force me to become more comfortable with the notion that yes, from time to time, I do need help.

In preparation for my surgery I triple cleaned the house. Yes, triple cleaned. The knowledge that I probably won’t be able to clean for a few days is really bugging me. I chalk it up to my self diagnosed OCD. It is what it is. I put t-shirts on my girls so they wouldn’t shed everywhere. We stocked the fridge and pantry with food, including three gallons of milk. That Boy can put down a 1/2 gallon a day. I planted some new ground cover under my tree out back. We ran a bazillion errands.  I did my homework for the next two weeks. And we put on some music and danced today; my feet won’t be able to do that in a while and I love dancing with my boy.

The last things on my list were to run to my pre-op appointment and then get my prescriptions filled for surgery day. Easy, or so I thought. I’m not quite sure why pre-op took so long, but it did. And then we headed to the dreaded Darnall pharmacy. We had yet to pick up Brooks’ new inhalers and I needed to get them before I found myself car-less for a while. So off we went. And yes, after a super duper long wait we were once again told that one of my prescriptions, my pain medication to be exact, was not available and I’d have to go off post. Sugar!

So needless to say, my pre-op began at eleven and we didn’t make it home until almost six.

I’m so thankful I had all my other stuff done already or I would have been super stressed.

And I’m super thankful for Brooks’ non-stop chatter. Our conversations were pretty interesting. At one point he gave me a dissertation on the kind of wife he’ll be looking for some day. I find it cute and funny all at once that he thinks about those things. He seemed so sure of what he wanted in a wife so I thought to ask him what he thought his future wife might see in him that would pique her interest. Among his answers? His stellar dance moves (hello, Blue Tornado Feet!), humor, kindness, passion for video games (really, he thinks this is a sticking point), creativity, and conversational skills. Funny little man!

So tomorrow is the day. Keep me in your prayers! And a super huge thanks to Kat for being my surgery escort tomorrow (girl, I’m so nervous, I’m going to tell you a bazillion times I feel like puking) and Dalia for watching My Boy tomorrow. You guys are amazing! Thanks for taking some time out of your Spring Breaks to take care of Little Ol’ Me!