I definitely underestimated how painful this surgery would be, after the fact. I am extremely thankful that I readied my house for the surgery and walked Brooks through different tasks in the home that he would need to take care of while I was recouperating.

My baby boy has been such a stellar nurse. I am so thankful for his presence and thoughtfulness.

He was super responsible, calling my sister every two hours to touch base with her, fielding phone calls, helping me to the bathroom, bringing me drinks, waking me up to take my medication, holding my hand and soothing me, and being the sweet boy he is. This morning, at six am the girls needed to relieve themselves. I could hear JayJay desperately pawing at the door and crying to be let out. But if you know my dogs you know they are jumpers and twirl around super excited to see us. I knew I couldn’t go in there to let them out. I called Brooks to let them out. He got up, eyes still closed and full of sleep, kissed me on the forehead, let the girls out, back in, and then brought me a drink because he thought I might be thirsty. And then he plopped himself back down and went back to sleep.

It’s exciting to see the young man that he’s becoming, the moments of pure sweetness and thoughtfulness that peek out and make me so proud of who he will someday undoubtedly be.

And as always, I remain thankful for all the wonderful friends who have checked in on me, who have taken care of me, and whose concern and love humble me. Life remains good, regardless of the circumstances. And as Little Brooks aptly reminded me this morning, his Daddy’s words on his lips, “Remember Mommy, pain is just temporary. This too will pass,” My funny little man!