Oh boy. This surgery isn’t as easy as I thought it was going to be. And although I know I should rest and take it easy, and I am, I really dislike laying here on the couch doing much of nothing.

So, during moments of lucidity (ie. as the pain medication wears off before the next dose) I’ve tried my best to spend a little bit of time with my boy. We tried our hand at Jenga.

Jenga was fun, but I wasn’t too good at it. I think my prone position didn’t help. Little Brooks had a blast, though, and afterwards spent a good hour building structures out of the blocks and photographing them. He even showed some to Big Brooks when he called us via Skype.

Later in the day we tried our hand at balloon volleyball, albeit with different rules, since again, I was in a prone position. And yes, he won at that too. I think I’m at a great disadvantage.

After a playdate with the neighbor Little Brooks and I started an art project that usually would take us an hour or so to complete, but which might take us a few days to complete. I’m okay with that, since I am trying to rest. Really, and truly.

I found different websites that had crayon shaving melted art projects. And it occurred to me that Little Brooks could pick out crayon colors, we could shave them, and melt them between wax paper. We did all that today. The next part of the project will be to cut out shapes out of the wax paper, punch holes in them and set them up in a mobile made out of the crayon shaving melted wax shapes and wire. I figure the snowflakes in the dining room corner need to be replaced and thought that a mobile would look neat in that corner. Brooksy is all for the idea and I can’t wait for it to be finished so we can hang it up.

My day was made decidedly brighter when a friend from college had an edible arrangement with balloons sent to me. How sweet of her! And it arrived just when I was beginning to feel hungry! Perfect timing if I do say so myself!

Although my days been trying at times, I can’t complain. Tomorrow I’m bound to feel better, for sure.