Brooks’ best friend invited him to spend the night last night. As much as I was scared to be home alone dealing with the jumpy/hyperactive doggies, I knew The Boy could probably use some play time with his best bud. He’s done such a stellar job taking care of me, and knowing full well he’ll be stuck at home more often than not, now that I can’t drive, I relented. Thankfully the doggies were well behaved and I made it through the night.


Of course, I did find myself on the couch, all alone. The thing about laying on a coach for so long is that after a while it makes you claustrophobic.  Being bed-ridden isn’t as fun as it might be chalked up to be. You can only rest for so long, then it’s redundant. If it wasn’t for Netflix I think I’d be going a bit crazy.


Thankfully, right when I was about to lose my mind, Tanja showed up with her sweet mother and sister to help me fix my hose, which I broke yesterday trying to water my plants, which were looking decrepit and forlorn (much as I was feeling, I must say). They were true heroes, fixing my hose AND bringing me a delicious lunch/dinner/breakfast (yes, Tanja, breakfast : ) along with brownies. Tanja must surely love me, she knows me well enough to know my love for all things sugar infused.


As Brooks was being dropped off later today he asked if his friend could come over for a playdate. Perfect, I thought! The boys can play and I can, well, lay here and watch them. My options are limited. They had a blast playing pretend, video games, and building with blocks, which were still laying around from yesterday. The boys were so excited about what they were making I had to keep checking to see what they had made.



So today was definitely a great day. I can’t complain. For being bedridden we’ve been graced by the presence, love, and attention of loved ones, and that should surely be up there with along with everything else the doctor ordered. Life is good.