Today was decidedly better than yesterday. My new meds keep me comfortable for the most part, as well as drowsy. I’ve slept most of my day away.

Although I know I’m “officially” bedridden because of a good reason, I have to say, today was the first day I felt like a bad momma, like I should be doing better, like I’m neglecting The Boy. I’ve never felt that way, questioned myself or felt I wasn’t doing enough. And I know that’s silly because I should be taking it slow, more out of necessity than anything else, but geez….

at the very least I’m going to read a book to my boy before my next knockout round. Thankfully, Brooks sees this whole situation as a big opportunity to take care of me and veg out. But after six days of this, oh boy. I just want my old life back.

This is seriously making me question whether my living will should state to do everything medically possible to keep me alive. Pull the plug! 🙂

I’m off to read my boy a book. Maybe he’ll read me one too. 🙂