As badly as I felt this morning, I felt relieved that we had something to do, something to aim for, somewhere to go. Little Brooks has been such a trooper and I know how much he enjoys his classes in the homeschool co-op. We were lucky enough to get a ride to the co-op and although Brooks had a blast, I had to contend with nausea and sleepiness, not at the same time. That might have been okay.

Afterwards, a friend invited us to dinner, since we had some time to kill before Brooks’ end of season basketball party. Dinner was amazing, the company stellar, the food great. Afterwards, we went to Tene’s house to kill some time before the party and that’s when my little man became sick. His head hurt. He felt like he was going to throw up.

So needless to say, he missed his party. He was diplomatic about the whole thing. I love that when he’s disappointed he’s able to make it somehow okay, that he’s able to deal with it and rationalize why it’s really not as bad as he thought. I felt awful he missed something that he was really looking forward to, that he’s feeling sick.

It’s been a crazy week! So glad tomorrow’s Friday. Fridays are always the best.