What a difference today has been. Although I’m not still 1oo percent back to my good ol’ self, today was the first day since my surgery where I truly felt like myself again. I’ve had to take things slow, and it does take me three times as long to get anything done, even with Brooksy’s help.

Because I felt better, and the weather’s been gorgeous, the boy and I went out to the yard to play after lunch. I’m kind of immobile, in that I can’t run around and play, but we made the best of it. We played a game with a small kite that Brooks had, trying to hit targets in the yard. We also played a game of catch, though when I missed my balls Brooks had to fetch them for me.

Brooks was glad to be outside playing. It’s really rare for us to not play outside everyday, so I know Brooks has been missing it.

After our outdoor play we came in to work on some art. I found an art project on Twig and Toadstool that I thought Little B might enjoy. It involved a watercolored paper cut into the shape of a butterfly and which tissue paper had been used in cut outs on the paper. The project was pretty cute and I thought The Boy might enjoy making a creature or monster with the same technique. Instead, he chose to make two turtles, one for himself, and one for Big Brooks.

He started by painting with watercolors two sheets of paper.

After we let them dry for a few minutes he sketched turtles on them.

I then helped him cut some of the shapes out.

Then he used tissue paper cut outs to paste onto the open areas.

Brooksy loved this project and really enjoy adding the tissue paper best, I’d say.

Because today is Friday, and we knew our Campfire kiddos were missing having meetings we didn’t cancel today’s meeting. Knowing I wasn’t well enough to create a lesson play and compile supplies we chose to make Goop with the kiddos and play some outdoor games.

The kiddos were so excited to create Goop that we started with that. Ms. Steph was super kind and stopped at Hobby Lobby to pick up jars for each child.

The kiddos took jars of glue and poured one cup into a big bowl. Then they added 3/4 cup of water to the glue and each child added two drops of food coloring (we chose blue for the first batch, yellow for the second). In a seperate bowl we made a thick paste of about 1/4 cup borax and water. We added that to the first mixture and it turned into Gook. Each child was given a portion of it to play with  and to later put into their jar.

The kiddos loved the Goop so much that when everyone left Brooks and Jason (who’s spending the night) played with their for at least an hour.

After the Goop making and cookies we headed outside to play group games. We didn’t have much time so we did two games: Catch the Dragon’s Tail and Blazerball. They can be found at this website:  http://www.thesource4ym.com/games/outdoor.asp#top.

Catch the Dragon’s Tail was fun. The kiddos lined up, hands on shoulders. The last person placed a tea towel in their pocket, with the objective being that the “head”had to catch the tail by pulling the tea towel. There were lots of spills and giggles in this game!

Blazerball was a hoot too. We divided up into boys vs. girls. Each team had a home base, designated by orange cones. In each home area there were four balls. Each child was given a tea towel which they had to keep in their pocket. When I gave the call each side ran like mad to try and get/keep all the balls in their base. If someone snatched their tea towel they were out of the game, and each home area was a safety area for the opposing team, for ten seconds.

This game was super fun and the kiddos ran around, giggling and laughing, shouting and hooting. The boys won both times, though the girls were outnumbered by one.

All in all, it’s been a great day. We were able to talk to Brooks a few times today, and even got to do Facetime with him. Seeing him smile makes anything better, I swear. We were able to catch him up on everything we’ve done since we spoke with him yesterday.

And now Little B and his best bud Jason are playing, enjoying each other’s company and another sleepover. Their currently giggling like crazy in Brooks’ room. Every now and then peals of laughter erupt from his room, and as sore as my foot is I can’t help but smile.


Life is good.