Sleepovers have taught me a lot of things. Mainly, that everyone parents differently and, as such, I have to have faith in someone else’s ability to take care of my boy. That’s a huge step for me, because quite honestly, I don’t like leaving Brooks in anyone’s hands. I can just imagine some of you connecting dots in your head.

Yes, homeschooling has a lot to do with that.

I can almost, almost, see why my mom never let us go on any sleepovers when we were Brooks’ age. On the other hand, I don’t want to stiffle my boy, or keep him from experiences or opportunities. I don’t want to be a roadblock for him in the path that is his life. Yes, the world is a scary place, but there isn’t danger lurking behind every single corner, and I need to keep that in perspective.  There has to be some kind of balance.

I know how much he enjoys spending time with his best bud Jason. I would hate to keep him from spending the night with someone whose company he genuinely enjoys.

So, yes, sleepovers have taught me to have faith in others ability to take care of my boy. This trust is limited, though, I have to say. I wouldn’t leave him with just anyone.

And sleepovers have taught me that being a Mom is a huge definer for me. I’m a mom and wife. And it’s quite honest of me to say that I don the hat of Mom much more frequently than that of Wife. When I found out Brooks and I were expecting the joy inside me was so great, I thought I’d burst from happiness. I felt like being a Mom was what I was born to do. I relished the thought of outings and projects, memories made, places explored, a small hand in my large one, tiny purse-lipped kisses. I imagined before me a new life, shaped by the love and attention of doting parents. I love being a Mom. And when Brooks is gone on a sleepover I feel like that “hat” goes on the back burner for a little bit. I feel without definition, without purpose. And that’s scary for me, because in ten short years or so my little boy might be leaving our home as he continues life’s journey.

So, sleepover’s have also taught me that a Mom I am, and regardless of where my Brooks may be, I’m still his Mom and nothing changes that.

So, OBVIOUSLY, I was super happy to see my boy knocking at the back door today, peering over the window pane, his smile humongous, super big, small hand waving furiously in the window. I couldn’t gimp to the door fast enough to feel my boy’s arms tight around me neck, his kisses on my cheeks, his smile inches from mine.

Back went on the Mom hat.

We settled on the coach to watch a movie, sharing snacks, laughing outrageously at the funny parts. My dear friend Tanja had said she’d be by later to pick us up for dinner so we knew had a little bit of time to watch the movie and then we played some video games.

After an amazing dinner with the best company a girl could ask for we came home and settled on some paper art projects. The Boy loves paper. We buy it in huge reams, because it never lasts long. He sketches on sheets and sheets of paper, cuts others into tiny pieces, and spends long moments folding others. He loves the stuff.

So I thought it would be fun to try our hand at some origami. We’ve done origami before and Brooksy always enjoys it. We found a neat website that helped:

We settled on the fortune teller origami, which cracked me up because when I was little it was one of my favorites. Brooks giggled furiously as he dictated what fortunes to write inside. Some were pretty funny, if I say so myself.

After we played with that for a bit we tried our hand at paper airplanes. A short while ago Brooks was so fascinated with paper airplanes that he made loads of them. We had nowhere to put them, he had made so many. Finally, I put most of them in a bin and placed it inside the castle in his room. So of course, he would be excited about making paper airplanes. I brought up the website that I usually use when he asks me to show how to make some:

The instructions are clear and The Boy and I are always able to replicate the folds as indicated. Being frustrated while attempting one’s hand at a project sucks all the fun out of it, so we are super thankful for easy to follow directions. Little B had a blast trying his hand at some new planes and we had fun gliding them around the house.

His giggles were sorely missed yesterday.

After some paper folding fun we sat down and popped in a movie but abandoned it in lieu of singing. Brooksy enjoys singing as much as I do, though I tend to keep that particular favorite activity to myself, since most people tell me to pipe it down when I attempt anything close to singing. So we sang loud, sang joyfully, and sang proud. And all the while, Brooks cuddled with me. I know that may not last forever, so I enjoy it when it’s freely offered.

Today has been a great day. Gimpy as I am, I was able to enjoy some normalcy, and even got to spend quite a bit of time on the phone with Brooks. The sound of his voice always brings a smile to my face, and makes my feet, er… foot, light.