I was determined that today we would get back to some semblance of a schedule. I miss our old schedule and sadly, so does Brooksy. He mentioned that he missed me being able to walk around and play with him. I think we are both feeling how differently life is with me being gimpy.

Either way after spending a few hours cleaning my house, yup, a few HOURS, The Boy and I spent some time playing and creating. My house has been kept clean and neat by the tireless efforts of Little Boy B; however, those of you who know me know how OCD I am about my house and it was getting to me, the lack of daily deep cleaning. After today, I accept that the deep cleaning my way is only going to occur once a week. It took us five hours to clean the house, and it was neat and “clean” to begin with.

I did some online research this morning while taking a break while Big Brooks went to eat lunch. I found some stuff I thought might be fun for us today.

I found a blog where a mom had some fun with her boys with simple plastic fork catapults. Genius!  http://frugalfun4boys.com/2011/02/24/plastic-fork-catapults/

The Boy helped me assemble our needed supplies and we both set off to figure out how best to launch the cotton balls. After we got pretty good we sat and shot at each other and then had a contest to see who could launch a cotton ball the furthest. Little B beat me, but just barely. I think he kinda leaned into his launch, but I couldn’t quite tell 🙂

After some video games we sat down and read up on Alfonso Ossorio. Little B enjoyed learning about a new artist and we discussed how he used wax, watercolors and ink to create works of art. After looking at some examples LB sat down to try his hand at his own piece, inspired by what he had seen. He was very thoughtful in how he applied the wax to the paper. We used a white crayon, and he pressed hard to ensure that the lines would show up when he later covered the paper in paint.

After painting and allowing the paper to dry BB sat down with some black paint I had placed in a small plastic bottle. This was by far Brooks’ favorite aspect of the process. The project called for using india ink, but that is one of the few craft items we don’t have on hand, yet. http://laughpaintcreate.blogspot.com/2010/03/express-yourself.html

Little B loved squirting the black paint all over and even used a thin paint brush to create wider strokes. His favorite part was probably squirting paint. He was quite pleased with his piece and wants to make another one tomorrow.

After a long day of cleaning and playing we made some homemade peanut butter cups and settled down to watch a movie. http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Chocolate-Peanut-Butter-Cups/Detail.aspx

I am ever thankful for our friends Kat and Phil who brought us a delicious dinner, and for a Little Boy who is hardworking and caring, and for the opportunities we have to spend together.