I completely overdid it yesterday. By the time night time rolled around my foot was really bothering me, so much so that falling asleep to escape the pain was almost impossible. I was determined to take it easy today, but knew I wanted to get back to schooling Brooks.

The only downside to homeschooling is that there are no subs. When I’m sick Brooks gets a free day, which he tries real hard not to be gleeful about, but I know he enjoys the leisurely days of no school.

Today was a whole bunch of doing a little bit of something and taking a big break, all in the hopes that my foot would stay virtually pain free. Little Brooks was a trooper like always, assisting where needed and having a stellar attitude. The problem lies in that I just want to do too much, without realizing that I’m aiming for that.

So after homeschooling and some free play Brooks and I read books then headed outside to play basketball. Little B was super excited to play ball. He’s been wanting to go out to shoot for a few days now. We even managed a game of PIG though I had to shoot from a sitting position.

After basketball we headed inside for board games and ice cream. One of our homeschool friends was kind enough to drop off a whole meal, along with dessert, for us today.

I have to say it’s been almost two weeks after my procedure and friends are still checking up on us, assisting us with the yard, dropping off meals, and helping run errands. I am so thankful for everyone’s attention and concern. I really didn’t expect to be this unwell almost two weeks after the surgery, but here I find myself.

Tomorrow is another day, and I’m sure, as each day before it, I’ll feel a little bit better. Hopefully 🙂