Oh, boy.

So my friend Tanja was unbelievable. She opened up her morning so that she could take me grocery shopping, hold my hand during my appointment, and then drop The Boy and I off at Co-Op.

Grocery shopping was fun. I got to ride the little motorized shopping cart thing, which I’ve always secretly wanted to do, though I imagine it would have been more fun if I was whole, all in one piece.

After grocery shopping we headed to the podiatrist’s where I suffered innumerable agonies at the hands of the very sweet ladies at Ledger Foot and Ankle Clinic. I love my doctor. She’s wonderful. But she wasn’t my favorite person today. After pulling my stitches, which I was absolutely not brave about, she went on to tell me that I needed to begin moving my toe joint, back and forth… this doesn’t sound good to me. In fact, after seeing my face she put in an order for physical therapy because she doubts I’ll do the exercises correctly. And I have to start wearing my dreaded, and much hated, boot.

Tanja was wonderful. She cajoled me into wearing the boot, I shed a few tears from the agony over some Chik Fil A fries, and then I took off the boot while at Co-Op. I appreciate Tanja for several reasons. Not only is she an amazing, steadfast, witty, smart, and funny friend, she also cares enough to push me to do something I didn’t want to do, ie. wear my boot. In fact, if Brooks would have been here he would have been pretty mad about the non-boot wearing me and would have lectured me endlessly (which I would have secretly enjoyed, since I find it cute when he tells me what to do – true story).

Co-Op was amazing. I was a bit sad it was our last day. We made some wonderful new friends and we’ll def miss the wonderfulness of it all each week.

It was wonderful watching Brooks make some new friends. I love how easily he befriends others and how other kids his age genuinely enjoy his company. It cracks me up when his friends ask if he’s there or cheer when they see him. Too cute.

So now here I lay. In pain. Because I did come home and ice my foot, but then worked on those darn toe exercises. And as a result now I lay here in pain. Needless to say I wasn’t able to do any activities with B this afternoon. I miss that but at the same time I know I’m in no place to do anything but lay here and try and get better.

On the bright side, and this is a huge ray of light in the middle of all the pain today, I was told that in two weeks I’ll be able to begin bearing weight on my foot! Yay. I’m not quite sure this means complete walking or even if I’ll get my driving papers, but… yay! I can’t wait to begin at the very least standing on my own two feet, crutchless and ever so happy.