Friday’s are Campfire days and usually Brooks and I try to get all our homeschooling done early enough so that we can do a few activities on our own before the kiddos arrive. But today, today was one of those days. It took us about two hours to clean the house, which is a huge improvement over the five hour deal on Monday, and then, of course, I needed a break to elevate and ice my foot. After homeschooling we were only able to squeeze in some board games before the kiddos arrived.


I’m not quite sure I can get used to this semi-schedule. It makes me feel inutil (useless).

Either way we planned for a fun day for the campfire kiddos. I figured, since I am still in no shape to lesson plan, to play some games with the kiddos followed by homemade fruit smoothies and pop corn all the while watching Tangled. The kiddos in our group love spending time together. I love the cohesion and enjoyment they find in one another.

The first game we played was a hit. We played indoor foot volleyball. I found the activity via this link:

The kiddos giggled like crazy and after a while the giggles gave to groans as their muscles became fatigued. I found the whole thing amusing. There are few things in life better than seeing a genuine smile on a child’s face. I love it.

After the kiddos begged mercy we played a homemade version of Pictionary. Pictionary is one of our kiddos favorite group games. They like to play boys vs. girls and get pretty competetive about the whole thing.

After games the girls joined me in the kitchen to make the smoothies. They turned out great and the girls were pretty pleased with themselves. Afterwards Brooks and Jason joined me in the kitchen to make popcorn on the stove top. I think smoothies and popcorn go great together while watching a good movie. I love making them with Little B when Daddy Brooks is home and we’re having a movie night.

And now, all the kiddos are gone except three. One of which is mine. Little Brooks is having a sleepover and I swear the noise level during a sleepover is exponential depending on how many little boys are present. The boys are laughing and wrestling, running around with action figures and discussing Ninjas. Yes, Ninjas. And now they find themselves rooted in front of the TV, playing video games and discussing tactics and past successes.

It’s been a good day, although the pace is much slower than normal. Perhaps that’s a good thing 🙂