The Boy and I had a wonderful weekend, hands down.

The Campfire Spring Camp Out was a lot of fun, even though I was gimpy and useless. Brooksy really enjoys Camp Mitchell. How could he not? Camping, with it’s hikes and activities, ghost stories and campfires, comprises what childhood memories should be made of.

I had doubted the sanity of attending a campout with a foot still healing from surgery. My incisions aren’t even wholly closed so the risk of infection weighed heavily on my mind. I’m glad I went and that we were able to enjoy all the activities. I even ventured out on a short hike with the kiddos to collect leaves for a leaf book they were each making.

Obviously, none of it would have been possible if I would have been where I was a few days ago, still in pain, still sore, still miserable. I really like that I’m over the hump, in terms of pain management, and I’m so thankful for that because it feels like life might be able to resume in some pattern of normalcy now. I felt like myself today, and I’ve really not felt that way in so long.

So after spending the morning at Camp Mitchell Stephanie and her husband packed up the cars and we got ready to head home. On the way out we stopped to look at a field full of bluebonnets near the entrance to the camp. Now, I’m not from Texas but I know it’s a tradition around these parts to load up your kids in their Sunday best, or some semblance of that, and plop them in a field full of bluebonnets and go picture crazy. Everyone keeps mentioning Easter pictures. I’ve been here five years and just finally got the inkling desire to go out there with The Boy to photograph him in the midst of it all. Like I’ve said, Texas is really growing on me. Even Little B asked me the other day if he could call himself a Texan even though he was born in Pennsylvania (at the hospital his Daddy was born in, nontheless). This state is really growing on us!

I felt kind of silly taking a pic of Brooks as we left Camp Mitchell because my friend Tanja had planned for a day trip for us so that we could follow one of the bluebonnet trails here in Central Texas. But off I gimped off to take a picture of him, dirty as he was from the camping trip.

In hindsight, I’m glad we did 🙂

After the camping trip we hurried home to get ready for Tanja to pick us up so we could follow a bluebonnet trail. I was pretty excited. I could just see Brooks, in my mind’s eye, handsome, bluebonnets all around him, softly fluttering in the wind.

The trip out past Burnett was BEAUTIFUL. Tanja and I both agreed we’d have to go back on a picnic or even camping. The drive was gorgeous, but alas, we found small patches of bluebonnets here and there, but nothing the kids could have sat in to be photographed in. I found the whole thing amusing, though I felt bad for Tanja since she’d done her research and had planned a whole afternoon for us centered around the bluebonnets.

I’m super thankful we were able to spend the afternoon together. Tanja is always fun, we laugh constantly, and talk much. It’s always a treat to spend time with her. So even though we didn’t locate the treasure trove of bluebonnets we’d aimed for we had a great time searching.