For sure if there is something the Army has taught me is that you can’t plan for anything. Flexibility is key.

I went to sleep last night with big plans. I felt more like myself this weekend than I had since my procedure. I was super psyched. I could see a day full of learning and play, activities and art… you get the picture. Lots of productivity, less laying on the couch, my foot propped up.

When Little B told me this morning his head hurt, a la Brooks, I thought, he must be dehydrated. And gave him plenty of fluids. I told Brooks to lay down and see if he felt better and I set off to clean the house by myself. By the time I came back to check on him he was burning up with a fever and he complained that his throat hurt.

My poor boy. He hasn’t been sick in so long and really, in this house, after Brooks gets all better I get sick. Without fail.

And so a day planned became a day of rest, for the both of us. Who knows? It may have been what I needed too. And I’m hoping that Little B wakes up feeling all better tomorrow so we can spend the day having fun, learning, creating.