Brooks had been excited about attending Camp Geek at the Central Texas College campus. With my gimpy foot, however, I wasn’t sure if we’d be able to attend. That particular point, coupled with the fact that we were still waiting on my cousin to visit, wasn’t helping manners. Thankfully, a fellow Campfire leader offered to give us a ride on her way there.

Camp Geek is run by the Mayborn Planeterium and Space Theater at CTC. I had heard about the camps and wanted Brooks to attend but the timing was never right. Today’s theme was about life in the water. The kiddos were supposed to learn to appreciate the diversity of life found in the water while exploring underwater life. The day’s activities included looking at pond samples and ocean samples. They also made an art activity, saw a lazer light show, and created waves in bottles that they got to keep. They also collaborated on an art piece that will later be displayed at the Planetarium.  All in all, Brooksy had a great day, made a new friend, and learned some new things.

I call that a perfect day!