We’ve been waiting for a while for Brooks’ cousin, and mine consequently, to come visit. BB has been beside himself because he genuinely loves company and the idea of a playmate really thrills him. So late last night, after days and days of anticipation, we welcomed Marilyn for a visit to the Julius household. Of course, The Boy slept through it all, but as soon as he awoke he wondered how quickly they’d wake up.

So we spent the day getting to know Marilyn and enjoying the company of my cousins, who I hadn’t seen in far too long. Life has a way these days of keeping us apart, and thought it’s not the finest thing, it does make the reunions that much sweeter.

One of the first activities the kiddos did together, and later repeated in the day, was playing with the homemade playdough Brooks and I had made the other day. The kiddos pretended to be bakers and cooks at a shop, replete with imaginary customers, and afterwards cleaned up without being reminded. Sweet!

A little while ago, after finishing some much neglected homework from Penn State, I pulled out the supplies necessary for some fun bubble printing. I found this activity while browsing the internet for fun stuff to do with Brooks that involved minimal prep and ease of execution. On days like today, where my foot is all achy and I have housework to do, that’s the best way to go for sure.

Here is the link: http://whimsy-girl.blogspot.com/2010/08/summer-break-day-83.html

The kiddos began by adding a tablespoon of water to their disposable cups, 1 teaspoon of paint (they chose their colors), and a good ol’ squirt of dishwashing soap. Then they mixed it up with their straws and blew like there was no tomorrow. This is def. one of those projects where the process was absolutely embraced and enjoyed by the kiddos. Brooks was having so much fun blowing bubble mountains he kept forgetting to make bubble prints. Marilyn on the other hand, took the time to make a few pages of bubble print art.

Here are some pics of their process. Too fun:

In a bit, the kiddos will wind down from their day, take baths and get in their jammies, I’ll read them a story and they’ll watch Despicable Me while chomping on homemade popcorn. I call that a perfect ending to a perfect day!