I love schedules. I’m not sure I could go through a day sanely without scheduling most of it. Obviously, the last couple of weeks have been brutal, what with no apparent schedule for either The Boy or I. Since I’m feeling better, albeit gimpy and slow, I’ve been determined to stick to a semblance of our schedule this week.

Which meant a return to Tuesday gymnastics. I know Little B has missed his classes and was so excited to return. We couldn’t get to Gymkix fast enough for him. I figured since we’d be driving past the CTC duck pond that we would stop by there first.

Little B and I “found” the duck pond shortly after moving to Killeen. For sure it’s one of our favorite spots. We love packing a picnic, taking a ball, kite, or frisbee to play, and feeding the ducks, of course. I figured since Marilyn was new to Killeen that she might enjoy one of our favorite spots just as much. And, I was right.

After a quick lunch (since the kids wanted to play and feed the ducks, not feed their empty bellies) the kiddos ran off to feed the ducks, laughed at the antics of the birds in the water, and searched for the pond’s turtles. Marilyn was so excited, she couldn’t find enough ducks to feed. After our bread was all gone the kiddos took the pocket kite and attempted to fly it, or played with a glider.

I love opportunities to take Brooks out to play. As much as I’m conscious of the amount of time he spends outdoors I always fret it’s not enough.  And then again, I’m always hovering somewhere nearby. The duck pond is the best place to go because the fields adjacent are so open and immediately call the attention of the kids. I love seeing Brooks streak out of the car, arms wide to the sky, a grin on his face, as his feet pump furiously below him, just happy to be out in the open, with room to run.

Our day went by much too quickly. Gymnastics was over far too quickly. Free play was over much too quickly, and the same goes for bedtime story time. I kept looking at the clock today, appalled at how quickly time was passing me by.

I hope tomorrow’s pace matches today, and that time slows enough for me to put my feet up and enjoy some quiet time with the kiddos. A cat nap might be nice too.