Although we spent most of our day in appointments, the day was not for naught. I was able to spend some time with a dear friend, Little B was able to spend some time with a friend, and poor Marilyn at the very least got some good medicine in her so she could start feeling better quick.

The little girl across the way, a fellow Campfire peer and friend of Brooks’, stopped by in the early afternoon to bring me popsicles so I’d feel better. I took the kiddos outside so they could play and they immediately began drawing with chalk all over the patio (sometimes, good ol’ fashioned fun is the best). Afterwards we made homemade smoothies and the kiddos played video games.

And then of course, there was soccer. We were so excited to have been placed in a team with a few of his old team mates, and even more thankful that his old cleats still fit. Sometimes the fact that his feet barely ever grow is a good thing.

Running into someone we met when we first moved to Killeen almost five years ago made me start reminiscing about all the memories made here since our arrival. My boy doesn’t remember much about Fort Stewart or our moments there. This is home for him, his friends, the sports he plays, the activities he’s involved in, our travels through Texas. It’s no wonder he considers himself a Texan. This is really all he’s known.

I was looking though old photos of the boy, between the ages of 18 months and three. I miss those days sometimes fiercely. Some of the outings, activities, art projects, etc have been long forgotten. Little B doesn’t even remember them, but they mean something to me. All those moments long past, slowly forgotten, they’re all a part of my little boy’s history. I love that I have pictures to look back to help me remember, to help tell the story neither one of us would have been able to share. And at the same time, I”m thankful for today. For the new memories made, new discoveries made, new pictures snapped and stored away.