I really and truly love Fridays. I get a kick out of our Campfire meetings, probably as much as the kiddos do, if not more. And today was the first day I could actually move around while the kiddos were here, so I was pretty psyched about that.

So after a full day of homeschooling and some outdoor play (Brooks is currently fascinated with his skateboard, so he takes any chance he can to go out and practice) we got ready for our campfire meeting.

We started working on a new emblem… and our lesson today was all about fitness. The kiddos enjoyed the lesson, though I know they loved the Brainpop movie more because not one of them says a peep during the whole thing. They are like statues.

For fun I put on some 80’s music and each child took turns coming up with different exercises based on what we had learned in our lesson. The kiddos had a blast, and loved that they were able to dictate and lead parts of the workout routine. I tried my best to keep up, but really, some of the stuff they were coming up with was just crazy hard for my gimpy foot.

After a quick water break we tried playing a round of Fitness Pictionary (these children love Pictionary). The rules are the same as regular Pictionary, except that your teammates must jog in place while guessing during the drawing phase, and must continue to jog in place until they figure out what was drawn. The kiddos got a kick out of this and didn’t want to stop, except that we needed to squeeze some Wii play into the whole thing.

Big Brooks bought us Michael Jackson the experience shortly before he left. It’s pretty addictive and honestly, you get a good workout from the whole thing. We had a few MJ fans in the group, so everyone was really excited. And afterwards, exhausted. I call that a perfect ending to a perfect day.