After a rough day I was looking forward to today. Sometimes a good nights sleep is all I need to get out of a melancholy mood. Thankfully today was Sunday and since I’m driving (though, without my doctor’s permission) the kiddos and I headed to church.

Little B really enjoys the services at our old church so I figured that it might do us both some good to head out to Belton to the Assemblies of God out that way. The youth service is pretty dynamic. Brooks enjoys the worship, the silly puppets, the games… you all get the picture. But what I love the most is that he really gets some Bible instruction. I can always ask him after a service what he’s learned and I’m always blown away by the lessons taught to these kids.

After church we headed home so I could tinker in the yard. Tinker because it takes me half a day to do much of anything. It took me an hour to lay down three bags of mulch; sad, but true. The kiddos played outside on the driveway and kept me entertained with their antics.

What they were most excited about was heading to the Killeen Skate Palace for Campfire’s Skate party. Little Brooks really enjoys his campfire peers and has made some amazing friendships along the way. And of course, both kiddos were ubber excited to go skating.

Marilyn had a tough go at first, but boy, was she resilient. She kept at it and kept trying and loving every second and by the time we left she was skating pretty darn well. I was proud of her and it was pretty neat to see such a big smile on her face.

Brooks took turns between whizzing from one end to the other to attempting to do tricks: jumps, turns, etc. It’s pretty brave of him because he’s no expert by any means, but it’s def cute to watch.

All in all, we had a great day. And we were so busy I didn’t have time to reflect on my own sadness. I swear, staying busy is a necessity during deployments. I’m so thankful for all of Brooks’ activities and the friends that enrich our lives. I’m looking forward to another day.