I have a ginormous exam tomorrow. It’s epic. HUGE. And because my foot was in such bad shape for so long I had to do schoolwork below Laura-standards. As in… scanning my textbooks for answers. Not studying for quizzes. Wait for it…. wait for it…. not taking notes. GASP! I know, unthinkable. All of it. So because I’m playing catch up now, and this exam is worth 55 percent of my final grade I’m studying my little brain out tonight. All in hopes I can hold onto my A by the tips of my teeth.

So, here’s to getting another A (crossing fingers while I swig some amazingly cold coke (thanks, Trish)).

And here’s to another amazing day in the Julius household…

A quick recap.

We slept in.

We studied hard.

The Boy did some gymnastics.

Checked out a new playground.

Did some rolling pin art.

Played with some homemade straw rockets.

And went out to dinner to Denny’s (since kiddos eat free on Tuesday’s (again, thanks Trish – good looking out)).

And after some books (cried at the end of Sarah, Plain and Tall, and the kiddos really enjoyed The Man Who Walked Between the Towers and You Wouldn’t Want to be a Pirate’s Prisoner) and quick baths I tucked the kiddos into bed.


Well almost fin, since I still need to hit the books. But, I’m not worried. I got this 😉