For some crazy reason Mondays are just plain hectic in my house. I figured today would be tough because I was a wee bit sleep deprived from the weekend so sleeping in was a must. The morning, or what was left of it by the time I awoke, was looking pretty good.

After a quick breakfast of super yummy healthy oatmeal a ridiculous migraine set in to ruin my intentions for the day. I don’t usually get nauseous from the pain but today I did. Mondays and me, we just don’t mix!

For those wondering here is the recipe for the ridiculously good oatmeal from this morning. I tweaked it a bit, but mainly followed it as written.

Thankfully after a few hours we were able to homeschool. The kiddos kept busy while I nursed my headache, playing pretend and creating habitats on pieces of paper for their “pets.”. Too cute! Afterwards they plugged in B’s keyboard and went nuts playing tunes until I begged for mercy 🙂

After lunch we baked up some margarita cookies courtesy of The Smitten Kitchen. If there’s a better food blog I’ve yet to find it. These cookies turned out amazing. Thankfully they are pretty and one is all you can take at once.

This morning while contemplating what to do with all the leftover plastic eggs from Easter it occured to me that they would be perfect for homemade matrushka dolls. Why not? So after we finished homeschool the kiddos sat down with assorted sharpies and created their own set of nesting dolls. Being a homeschooling momma I couldn’t help googling the history of the dolls and showin the kids different images off the net. They were pretty excited to get started on their own and I think they turned out great.

We also tackled a collaborative art project I had seen on Journey Into Unschooling:  The whole premise behind the project was for everyone to take turns drawing lines on a large piece of paper. Afterwards we could begin filling in all the spaces with colors and details. I was pretty excited about the whole thing and was pleased the kiddos thought so too.

We rounded off the night with a movie and a visit with friends. Although the day started off bumpy and we didn’t start homeschooling till early afternoon the day ended well. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.