Although I’m walking on my foot now, albeit with a big ol’ boot AND a gimp, this surgery has me all kinds of frazzled. I still can’t get around quick enough for my liking, and to make matters worse, my schedule is completely off. I’ve been going to bed super late and waking up late as a result. Everything just seems helter skelter as a result.

I am, obviously, super thankful that my schedule is flexible but boy, enough is enough. Waking up between eight and ten doesn’t work for me. And going to bed at two or three in the morning is insane. Well, maybe not insane, just not smart. And really, if Brooks were here, this wouldn’t have happened. I’d be on schedule, right along with the rest of Fort Hood. It’s hard not to be normally, since the loudspeakers are well, loud. And consistent.

So tomorrow I am declaring a Pajama Day. Our schedule is open. I’m going to lay off the soda, which yes, is probably not helping in any way, shape or form. Hopefully after a full day we can head to bed earlier than usual and hopefully I can help reset my internal clock a bit. Here’s to hoping it works tomorrow!

As far as today, we had an amazing day. I’ll include photos at the end. We homeschooled, baked cookies, worked in the yard, went to gymnastics, hit the library for some new books,  made art with triangle shapes (and then the kiddos went nuts cutting paper into different shapes), read books to each other, and played board games.  It was a nice full day, but I’m tired now, though I doubt I’ll fall asleep anytime soon.

Though that would be nice.

Just saying.