Pajama Day didn’t happen today. I’m not lamenting the fact, because although we didn’t stay home as I’d envisioned the kids and I had a pretty great day.

A dear friend’s birthday was today and I was lucky enough to spend a few minutes with her. I’m huge on birthdays. Beyond a doubt in my mind they are meant to be cherished and should honor the birthday girl or boy. It should be a day set aside to celebrate the life of that special person.

I had woken up and gotten to work on Brooks’ birthday party invites. His birthday party planning usually begins a few months prior, with the last month to go preparations going in earnest. I look forward to his birthday possibly as much as he does. I usually hand make them but just knew I didn’t have the time to devote to that this year so I purchased some online.

Here is the front of his invite, and my cop out…

The kiddos were also able to help a friend celebrate their birthday this afternoon as they had been invited to a birthday party at the bounce house heaven that is Wazoo’s. So really, it was all about the birthday’s at the house today.