I knew full well before I went to sleep last night that today’s schedule was going to be full, possibly a wee bit hectic. And, because I’ve been wanting desperately to get back on schedule I set my alarm clock for five o’clock in the am… and actually woke up.

Call me mean, but since we had plans for an outing in the morning and I knew Brooks’s first go at standardized testing was going to eat up most of our afternoon, I figured we could homeschool super duper early and knock it out of the way. Would a public school do such a thing? I’m not sure, but I did. Mean? Possibly.

So after waking up at the crack of dawn and later homeschooling we heading to the 1st CAV Horse Detachment for a demonstration. We’ve been here almost five years and I had yet to set foot anywhere near there… I don’t think the Welcome Center should count.

My friend Dalia was sweet enough to go with us and picked us up. So in essence Mommy got a play date out of it too. The demonstration was pretty neat, albeit loud at times, and I was glad we squeezed it into our morning. Afterwards we strolled around a little bit and took some photos.

There is something neat about seeing the Horse Detachment crew do their thing. It’s Cavtastic… is that even a word?

After lunch we headed into Cove for Brooks ITBS test. It was his first go at standardized testing and I was pretty psyched about it because I think it will be a good measure of how well I’m teaching him, what he’s retaining and whether or not we need to focus on any areas. Brooks was beside himself with anxiety. He reminds me of someone… trying to place my finger on it… hmm… maybe, me?! Poor kid. Although we’d taken a practice test for third grade and he’d passed with flying colors I couldn’t convince him that he’d do even better on the second grade test. Which makes you wonder how he passed that first one, eh? Just kidding!

Thankfully he did well and while he was testing Marilyn and I got to run some errands; notably, that I am able to walk without my boot now (although, wish me luck on finding chanclas that will fit my swollen foot) and we also picked up supplies for The Boy’s eighth birthday party (which is panicking me a bit with the quickness with which it is approaching). After my finals next week it’s full speed ahead with the party planning and executing.

We were able to come home to make a quick dinner and head back out for B’s soccer practice.

It was a crazy day, but a pretty good one too. I count myself blessed, especially on days like today.