The Boy slept in this  morning. There was no way I was going to be able to rouse him awake. He really was tuckered out and I started to worry he might be coming down with something. Thankfully, he’s not ill and was rearing to go when he got up.

I was really and truly wanting to go to BLORA this weekend. The weather was just not cooperating. And I also knew that I had hours and hours ahead of me to prepare for my final final. : ) So we sat down and had a family meeting. I told the kiddos that we would have fun during the first half of the day and then they would have to lay down, watch Toy Story 3, munch on Easter candy and give me some peace and quiet so I could get some much needed studying in.

I know there are lots of people who say there isn’t anything to do around here, but I disagree wholeheartedly. This area is obviously not a large city like Dallas, but on the other hand we are close enough to large cities that I don’t believe that to be much of an issue. And on top of that, there really is stuff going on all the time. Facebook really helps these days. I used to have to pore over newspapers and google stuff like crazy. Things are much easier these days. One must be willing to make an effort to not only find those events, places, etc but to also get to them.

When I was in my early teens one of the things I loved most about my family was that Mom was always willing to pile us three into the car and drive us to different places. Weekend day trips to Mount Ranier or Mount St. Helens will always be sweet memories for me, and may be reasons behind why I want to eventually become a park ranger. I remember how excited I was the year she purchased us a family pass to the Portland Zoo so we could go as frequently as we wanted.

I’ve tried hard to be just as proactive with Little B, right from the start. When I look back at pictures of all our little adventures, some so far back that he wouldn’t even be able to recall them, I smile because even if he can’t remember them, they helped shape him.

So today I was faced with the question of what to do. I always try to find things to do that are relatively cheap or free; however, on the other hand I don’t mind shelling out big bucks for plays or museums either. The day was rather windy so I figured we could start with a trip to the duck pond at CTC.

The temperatures had begun to drop by the time we made our way over there so the poor kiddos had to put on hoodies. Crazy wind and lower temps were no deterrents for the kids, though. We quickly put their kites together and off they went. I told them to go one at a time so they wouldn’t run into each other or tangle up their kites.

Afterwards we headed on post to the bowling alley. Both kids hollered and hip hip hoorayed when I asked if bowling seemed like a good idea. I took that as a yes and we played a nail biting game of bowling. On a side note, I forgot that my foot is still swollen, reached my seat with my shoe rental and groaned. I haven’t been able to get my foot into any shoe but one sad looking pair of sandals since my surgery. I really, really wanted to bowl. So I tried on the shoe and voila! The shoe fit. I had to gimp to bowl but was able to pull it off.

The kiddos settled down to watch Toy Story 3 when we got home, munched on kettle corn and candy, and laughed loudly at the silly parts. I love movie nights. There is something fun about spreading blankets and mountains of pillows on the floor, a big bowl of popcorn to share, that is just plain amazing. As I worked on my notes I wanted so desperately to join the kiddos.

Afterwards I pulled out a quick science experiment for the kiddos. Check out this link for more info:  Brooks and I have done this experiment at the Gettysburg Children’s Museum in Pennsylvania (which I absolutely love, by the way). Nonetheless, Brooks was hyped and ready to go. We discussed the science behind what we were about to do and the kiddos conducted the experiment. It basically involves putting room temperature whole milk into a bowl, adding food coloring to the center (be generous with the food coloring) and then adding a drop of Dawn dish detergent to the whole mix. The food coloring will move as the soap interacts with the fat in the milk. The kiddos oohed and loved every second of it.

All in all they’ve had a great day and I’ve enjoyed their company tremendously. I can’t wait for my semester to be over so I can spend my evenings reading books and relaxing.