Oh boy, oh boy!

What a cram fest today has been. I’m not that girl. The one who crams at the last second. The one who might be happy with a B. I’m not the one that doesn’t take notes. I’m really and truly not that girl.  And yet here I found myself with my craziest semester yet, cramming away before a huge and really important exam. If the deployment weren’t enough the foot surgery was the drop that made the whole thing spill. I missed out on a few weeks of school and haven’t recovered still. I found myself giving myself a pep talk today that a B would really and truly be okay (but I know me, and it’s really and truly not).

I was a bit of a geek in school and I was fine with that. I love school. I love the note taking, the crazy amount of reading required, the papers. I love sitting up front and taking neat, precise notes. True story.

And yet, here I find myself. Sweating big bullets of anxiety, wishing I knew how to bite my nails, and working like mad to catch up on all the notes I failed to take. I probably should have used a different word than failed in that last sentence. Oh boy, oh boy!

So, after some serious homeschooling this morning I set to it. I made the kids do quiet time so that I could really concentrate. They were real troopers. Afterwards I pulled out two activities for them.

The first was an edible aquifer I ran across somehow today. Anything edible that involves sweet stuff is always a hit with kids. Brooks and I had seen the coolest model aquifer at UT Austin a few years back. The kiddos watched a Brainpop video on aquifers, we sat down and talked about them and then we hit the kitchen for the project. Here is a link for anyone interested in recreating this: http://www.dnr.state.wi.us/org/caer/ce/eek/cool/ameliaedibleaquifer.htm

The first thing the kiddos did was add chocolate chips to the bottom of a clear glass. I had the kiddos make an edible aquifer together because I wondered if they would enjoy the taste and worried we’d waste food. I’m big on not being wasters of what God has blessed us with. The kiddos then continued to add layers, including the use of milk as the water, a containing layer which was ice cream, and all the way on the top sprinkles to represent the soil we walk on. Lastly, the kiddos added drops of food coloring to represent pollution and we watched as the green dye quickly seeped into the water table. It was pretty neat to watch. Then we took a straw which represented the well and we saw how that affected the aquifer too. It was a pretty neat experiment and afterwards the kiddos made root beer floats (they were so thrilled about the floats, it was cute).

After their snack we tackled a cute and quick art project that I had also stumbled upon this morning. I’m all abut quick art projects, because some days are just busier than others. I love the days we can spend all the time we want on a single art process.. today, alas, was not one of those days. I still had more cramming to do! Here is the link for the project: http://canwemakethat.blogspot.com/2011/04/welcome-welcome.html

The kiddos were pretty excited and spent quite a bit of time messing with the different eyes, noses, and mouths that I had precut from the newspaper. Then they sat down and got to it. Here are some photos from the face art fun:

So now the kiddos are tucked in bed and I am finishing the last of my cramming. Wish me luck! I may actually need it this time!