I realized today, quite shocked really, that I had spent most of he day with Melissa, and hadn’t played with the kiddos at all… all day. Which is bizarre because usually we’re playing board games or playing outside, baking or doing art. Together. I was a little sad that not once they asked me to join in, though quite happy that they were having so much fun they didn’t need little ol’ me.

It just seems that when you get comfortable in a stage of your child’s life, it’s like some cosmic unwritten law, that they’ll be moving on to the next one. I’ve loved all the stages Brooks has traversed through, though I could have done without potty training. And, obviously, our goal is to equip him to be self-sufficient, responsible, independent, kind, and hard working ( among so many traits we’d lobe to impart ). But these stages make me sad too. I just can’t help it.

I have loved every second of our trip here, the extra time with Melissa, spending time with my nieces and nephew. It’s been crazy fun. I wouldn’t have changed it for anything in the world.