It seems to me that it’s quite unfair that while Brooks is half way around the world, working tirelessly to take care of us, that Little B and I are here, playing, laughing, and living life to it’s fullest. Sometimes the guilt is enough to make me sad. Although I know Brooks would have it no over way, I can’t help but question from time to time how fair the whole thing is.

It makes me sad either way. And today was such a day. With the stress of maintaining my GPA behind me I could wholly focus on being a Mom. Hanging up my student “hat” for a bit feels liberating because as much as I love school this semester was my hardest to get through.

So after an easy morning of free play for the kiddos and cleaning and yard work for me, the kiddos and I sat down to make toys. A few weeks back I had purchased wire for art projects. Our first use of the material produced wire sculptures. Today we used the wire to make whirly toys.

Here is the link: (I am having trouble uploading the link, will do so tomorrow, since I hate to not post it, it’s such an easy, fun thing to do with the kids).

The kiddos were super excited and were able to manipulate the wire by themselves. They chose different colored wire and wound it around a pencil. Then they took a nail and hammered it into a cork. They placed the end of the wire into the hole made by the nail and later attached a hand drawn pic onto wire which was attached to the first wire. Brooks was so thrilled to see his picture take off around the wire down to the cork. Too much fun!

After our toys were made the kiddos and I had lunch, followed by board games, before tackling homeschool.

I haven’t baked with the kiddos enough lately so I thought it would be fun to make fruit cobbler with them. Brooks and I make muffins and cookies so often that I’m sure he’d be able to handle them on his own. He’s able to follow recipes pretty well but I can’t recall ever teaching him to make a cobbler. I found a yummy recipe in a Williams and Sonoma cookbook, so we tackled that next. The kiddos put on silly aprons and the kitchen was soon filled with giggles and shrieks of laughter.

While the cobbler baked the kiddos did some free play, which quickly turned into Brooks and Marilyn creating some make believe scenario. I love watching them play, the give and take, the careful weaving of intricate stories, characters quickly taking form before my eyes. It’s a beautiful thing, which sounds sappy but is so ridiculously true.

Our cobbler was super yummy and my young chefs were pretty pleased with the results. An activity as simple as cooking or baking is such a confidence builder for kiddos who sometimes feel like they can’t do all that they want to do. And it’s a great medium for teaching life skills, as well as a source of play. There have been many a time when Brooks turned our cooking or baking sessions into pretend cooking shows ( I’m always the delegated assistant, never the star of the show).

We rounded off our day with some indoor fun ( since the weather got a bit crazy outside). We played a few rounds of PIG ( catching and throwing balls to each other while dancing), created a huge batch of Gak ( I heart my gallon container of glue!!!), and finished off the evening with Mario Kart and Michael Jackson the Experience before reading bedtime stories.

We also did a fair amount of storm watching. BB and I absolutely love rainy days. We live for the rains that are safe enough to play in, where the weather is just right so you aren’t left shivering in your wet clothes, with big puddles of water to slosh through, jumping in them to soak each other as much as ourselves. Today, we turned off every bit of light as the storm moved in and ran from window to window, watching as the storm grew and expanded and shrunk, as the rain pelted the earth and created torrents of rushing water through the yard. I think the word, “Cool!” was often repeated.

I remember my first safe rainy day as a married couple. I suggested to Brooks that we run out there and PLAY, I was so excited by the whole thing. He looked at me quizzically for only half a second before we both ran out there. I remember catching him off guard as we were splashing around and I saw the perfect puddle and kind of slid into it so it would completely soak him.  Unfortunately he saw my tactic and improved it. I miss my best friend so much, it hurts.

It’s the memories of our time together that help me make it moment to moment. Truly.

So, all in all we had a wonderful day. It was made utterly perfect with a sweet call from my Beau, lots of hugs and kisses from my smallest Brooks, and a house full of laughter, warmth, and love. I count myself truly blessed each day.