I’d love to blog and say we did a bazillion amazing and enriching things, but we didn’t. We did decide, however, that Brooks would have a four day weekend celebration of his birthday. Overkill?May-haps. But this past year I got a whole week of birthday celebrating and felt kind of bad for Little B, although he hadn’t even mentioned it.

So I figured we’d play hooky from school, seeing as how we really don’t have much left. And I figured we’d go out to lunch and he could choose exactly where (he chose Red Lobster and had the snow crab legs, his fav). We ran a few errands that were party related and then hurried home to play. Brooks and Marilyn have been playing a game lately where they adopt pets and they make adoption certificates and walk around with their pets grooming them. They did a lot of that today.

Really an uneventful day.

We did have Campfire today. We started work on a new emblem and this week we were discussing feelings and emotions, as well as the qualities that make a good friend. We started the meeting by brainstorming feelings and categorizing them as good, bad, or both types of feelings. Then we went around and shared times we had felt a certain feeling and how we coped with the negative ones. I was so proud of my campfire kiddos for being so honest and willing to share their experiences. They were so candid about past experiences and really learned from each other. I learned some pretty amazing stuff too.

We talk about feelings a lot in our home. It’s hard not too. With Dad being away so often we tend to have some emotional rollercoasters. But also, my little boy is ultra sensitive and he’s had issues in the past controlling his anger. Nothing crazy I’d cart him to a therapist for, but episodes that I feared if he didn’t learn to manage, would call for an intervention. People in my family tend to get mad on a large scale and I feared that kind of a future for my kiddo, for his potential wife and kiddos. So feelings are really discussed here a lot and it was interesting to see the perspective of other kiddos Brooks’s age.

After our brainstorming fest we cut out Tangrams and listed seven qualities we looked for in friends on each piece of the Tangram. Each child chose those qualities he deemed most important. I loved seeing how much thought they put into that. Some chose things like reliable, honest, kind, funny, smart, unselfish, etc.

Campfire is always loads of fun and I’m always sad to see the kiddos go.

And now Little B is enjoying a sleepover with Jason. Tomorrow Lane joins them and the birthday celebrating continues!