Today was officially Little B’s birthday. Today he is finally eight. I woke up feeling quite weepy. His birthday is always a whirlwind of emotions for me. I am so excited for him, for his special day, for the day that marks another beginning… and yet, I always find myself sad too.

To cap his birthday celebration we decided to gift him a No Rule Day. For those that don’t know, No Rule Days are big deals around here. On a No Rule Day the boy has no schedule, no chores, no schoolwork, no responsibilities. He can do as he pleases, within reason and within in the parameters of respect and decency. “Yes, Ma’am,” does not go out the window by any means.

Brooks LOVES No Rule Days. He looks forward to them, plans for them, wishes for them. So I thought that the best way to cap off his four day birthday celebration was to give him a day to do with as he pleased.

He spent loads of time playing video games since he gets a cap each day on tv/video game time. We also spent a fair bit of time outside. I was busy cleaning up the remnants of the party while he was enjoying his new scooter and remote control car. We also played board games (a HUGE thanks to Kathy and Kalinda for gifting BB Pictureka), and enjoyed his new toys, activity book, and art supplies. After a lazy morning at home we headed to Gamestop so The Boy could spend some of his birthday money. He chose one game and decided to save the rest of his money since we’ve been talking about finances and budgeting lately.

The afternoon was spent in like manner except that we made a big batch of homemade donuts, which he requested, with tall glasses of ice cold milk. The donuts were so light and delicious that I’ll say with certainty we all ate more than we should have.

My sister sent him the sweetest email, which of course had me bawling. She shared some sweet sentiments with him and he was tickled pink and quite touched by her words. As I hadn’t finished my yearly letter to Brooks, the letter I write to him every year on his birth day, I was instantly struck by the sheer weight and magnitude of her love for him, and vice versa. Without a doubt in my mind I know that she loves that kiddo like a Momma loves her child, and it pleases me to no end that he’s showered with so much love and attention from so many people, both near and far. In so many respects we all have a hand in helping to shape him into the young man that he’s surely becoming.

I am definitely beat from all the birthday fun. Seeing as how The Child has no bedtime tonight, Momma’s calling it a night and putting herself to sleep. Tomorrow will be another day shared.