Tuesdays are pretty routine around here because of Brooks’s gymnastics class and my tutoring session afterwards. It makes for a long afternoon and leaves us with few options in the evening, but we usually make it work.

This morning, after a walk and some homeschooling, we headed to the Duck Pond at CTC for a picnic lunch, duck feeding, and a game of catch. We were pretty excited to see a bird that resembled a large grey heron. It swooped down low over the water and then came back around to pond’s edge. Then is lightly stepped into the water and caught a fish, right before our eyes! The kiddos were overjoyed, it was so close to us.

Afterwards, Little B had gymnastics and followed by a playdate while I tutored. Brooks and his friends waste no time in pulling out toys or costumes and digging right into play. I love that. Marilyn too, quickly found one of the kids to play board games with.

The plan was to come home after grocery shopping and after a quick dinner we would play a game and dig into an art project. While I was making dinner, however, Jason, Brooks’s best friend called to see if he could come over. Jason lives a good fifteen minutes from us, and it being a school night, I thought he was joking about coming over but assured him if he was able he could come over. He was dropped off soon after that so the boys were able to have a nice long play date.

So, although the day turned out a little different than planned, the kiddos were able to play to their heart’s content, and I call that perfect!