After an amazing morning with a dear friend, we spent the rest of the day with some friends. Brooksy really enjoys spending tome wh this family, as do I, so it was no wonder that after some pretty serious indoor play the kiddos begged to ride bikes outside.

Now, as the kiddos rushed outside, obvious childlike glee etched into their faces, I thought to myself that Brooks and I could play catch. The Boy and I have tried to get the bike riding thing down. I tried the holding onto the bike seat thing, the running next to him thing, using the sidewalk for leverage, coasting… I’d run out of ideas really. So it didn’t even cross my mind that he would want to try. And yet he did.

As we went outside through the garage he spied a smallsih bike and immediately said he wanted to try. But first Kat took him up and down the street on the back of her bike. And then he got on the smaller bike, wobble a few times, and stopped.

At that moment, thoughtful and kind Kat, approached him and began to coach him. All of a sudden BB took off! and wonder of wonders I caught the whole thing on video!

I was so excited for him because I knew how dejected he felt every time we tried. And here he just took off! My boy! Bike riding!