What a wonderful busy day we’ve had. It’s one of those busy, but nice paced days. Those seem to negate each other, but really and truly they didn’t.

We started off our day with a quick trip to an EXPO and a brunch at Tanja’s house. She treated us to a traditional German breakfast. Hanging out with Tanja is always fun – she never ceases to make me laugh and I swear her insight is phenomenal.

After brunch we headed to The Boy’s final soccer game of the season. Brooksy really enjoys soccer and had a blast this season. I’m hoping next season he picks up some more fundamentals because this Momma knows squat diddly about soccer. I should just give in and Youtube it.

After a rousing game, and win, we headed to Mickey D’s for their end of the season shindig. The kiddos played for a bit and then each child was handed a trophy, t shirt, and a mini kite. Brooksy doesn’t buy into the trophies so much usually, because he feels that since everyone gets them there’s not much value in them, but seeing as how they only lost one game all season I think Brooks felt good about this one.

As the team gathered around their coach to hear her speech Brooks celebrated. Check out some of these faces…

I swear, my kiddo is always the loud one.

Afterwards I dropped The Boy off at a friends house for a birthday party.  I had errands to run and by the time Marilyn and I left he barely looked up from the water gun fight say goodbye. He really had a good time. He enjoys his friend very much and even mentioned that he really enjoyed the company of another boy he just met and that they tried to trade numbers.  Too cute!

On the way home Brooksy mentioned that a boy punched him in the nose and bit him. He was very nonchalant about it, as if it’s one of those run of the mill things that happen quite frequently. Apparently, when the boys were in the pool another child got rowdy, punched B in the nose and then bit him. When I asked how that made him feel he answered that it made him mad and that he tried to block the punch but it came so fast he didn’t really see it coming. Apparently after the child rejoined the fun he tried to hit Brooks again, but this time B was ready for him and blocked him, and then told on him again. I swear, that Tae Kwon Do class B took for a bit really taught him some cool moves for self defense. I don’t teach him to hit back by any means, though I have told him to defend himself; as in, block throws, remove yourself, etc.  No one should be a punching bag and just take it.

I thought perhaps the incidence soured Brooks’s party experience but he said he had a blast and that he got over it pretty quick. My feelings would have been hurt at that age.  I probably would have cried. I wonder if that’s a girl thing or just a Laura thing. I need to analyze that.

So we had a pretty amazing day. I’m pretty beat. I’ve been getting mid sleep phone calls from Brooks, which I love. But I get so excited to talk to him and hear his voice that my heart races and I think my adrenaline gets going or something because then I’m wide awake, and sleep is a bygone conclusion.

Regardless of all that, I’d walk through each day exhausted just to hear his voice. I think I might be a bit sprung 😉

On a side note, I took those three hours B was at the party to run some errands, including signing up The Boy for Basketball. He’s officially participating in three sports this summer: Tennis, Baseball, and Basketball. We’ve never tackled three sports but I have a feeling we’ll be fine with it. We stay so busy anyway, and with school out of the picture it’ll probably help fill in some time. But that’s me saying that now. Talk to me in about a month or so…

I also sat down and began to compile a list of activities/events/places to visit in the local area. Every summer break, right about this time, I sit down and make a list so that I can reference it quickly each day when I’m stumped as to what to do. I also use it when I’m figuring out our calendar for the summer.

I have a good start on the list, including fun activities to do at home, and hope to finish the list by the end of the week. I’m hoping to get input from others so that I can add things I may have forgotten or perhaps don’t even know about. There are so many resourceful people out there and we can learn so much from each other.

Here is the link to my Facebook post/list: http://www.facebook.com/notes/laura-julius/summer-2011-boredom-busters-for-the-greater-fort-hood-area/10150179323106917

I’m really looking forward to this summer. It’s going to be amazing, I just know it.