We had a lovely Sunday. No complaints on my end. We woke up to a phone call from my sister and best friend (one of the best ways to wake up, in my opinion). Thankfully, her call woke us up in time to make it to a friend’s church. Several of the homeschoolers from our Co-Op attend and had invited me to check out their services. Brooks is good friends with one of the little girls and a few of the boys and was excited to see them in his class.

Afterwards we had a nice, long lunch with a friend and her two daughters. By the time we came home I was ready for a nap, but Brooksy had other ideas. We spent a nice afternoon playing board games, building with legos, participating in an impromptu nerf war, and shooting baskets in the backyard. We topped off the evening with a bike ride/dog walk. I call that perfect.

As the night wound down I sat down with The Boy and we brainstormed ideas for an activity jar for the summer. It’s similar in scope to the advent activity tree we made for Christmas except that it’s a glass jar filled with summer-ish activities/ideas/fun things that can be completed during the summer.

I like the activity jar idea because it takes out any guesswork and even legwork, coming up with something unique to do each day.

And Little Brooks loves it because he helped penn the ideas and he knows he gets to wake up each morning and pull one out.

I also like the idea because it helps keep Brooksy focused on something other than his Daddy being gone. With R&R quickly approaching, though my husband might have a problem with that adjective, I thought it would be fun to keep B’s mind on something else than counting off days until we get to hug Daddy’s neck again.

Some of the ideas we placed in the jar included making gross things to eat (B’s idea), sleeping in a homemade fort (mine), having a Pajama Day (The Boy’s), painting with the art easels outside (me, again), and eating Crepes for every single meal (um… Little B).

We had a lot of fun coming up with fun, silly, quirky things. As the summer moves along we’ll add to the jar and I’ll move the used slips of paper into a folder for use at some other time.

I wonder what we’ll pull out tomorrow.