It is a fact that military families move quite a bit. Some families have the pleasure, or misfortune, however you may look at it, of moving more frequently than others. A military brat myself, we moved numerous times, calling different apartments, military housing, or homes… well, home.

I’ve never put too much stock into the actual dwelling that we call home. Don’t get me wrong, a nice location and building make all the difference, but really, isn’t it the things inside, all those memories attached to those things and the people in them that make a home a home? For me, at least, home is where my little family is, no matter how temporary or long lived it may be.

Home is where my Brooks’s are, period.

But that’s me.

For my little boy, only recently having turned eight, who has only known a handful of homes, the idea of moving provokes anxiety. We are on home number four for Little Brooks. The first place we only lived for about two months and he was an infant, so no recollections there. The second place we lived in was family housing at Fort Stewart, GA. He has some memories of that place, but those are few and far between.

Our current home, and the duplex we occupied before this place, now those are vividly etched in his mind’s eye. I didn’t care too much for the duplex, in fact, I was happy to say goodbye to it. But for Little Brooks, that was home and he misses it. He misses the space and his room and the carpet and the big ol’ yard.

He has said to me from time to time that he wishes that we could take that place and bring it to where we live now. And he’s mentioned that he wishes his Titi’s house was right next door and his grandparent’s house too.

I ran across a really neat art project based on a statement that an artist, Doh Ho Suh, had made. Check out this link for a pretty neat piece on some artists:

In this video Doh Ho Suh mentions that he wishes he could carry his homes with him on his back, much like a snail. It inspired a teacher to share it with her kindergartners who then made snails with homes on their backs using red and black ink.

When I saw this project it made me smile. I instantly thought of Brooks and his musings over living near his family members and wanting to keep his old home while living in the new one, both at the same time essentially.

I suppose being so accustomed to moving so frequently I never gave it much thought, in fact, I rather welcome moving and getting to know a new area. I never slowed down to think about how big of a deal moving is, especially to a little one who is so entrenched in the life he lives here.

So I sat down with the kiddos and we watched the video, which is pretty neat by the way. And then we pulled out white paper, black and red markers, and the kids sat down and worked quietly on their snails.

Both pieces are proudly displayed on our very busy refrigerator. The kiddos loved this activity and BB said that Doh Ho Suh is one of his new favorite artists. He has quite a few.

The art project definitely made for an interesting morning.

For those wondering, Brooksy pulled “Be a Ninja,” out of the activity jar. He did just that and asked that we all call him Silent Arrow. We made him those little star shooty thingies out of duct tape that Ninja’s use and he went around practicing being stealthy. I have a feeling poor Marilyn found the whole deal strange. She declined being a ninja for the day 🙂

As for the rest of the day, it being Tuesday and all, we headed to Cove for gymnastics, followed by tutoring for me and a play date for the kiddos. Afterwards we loaded up with groceries at the Commissary and then headed home for a quick dinner before heading to Meadows Elementary School for Jungle Jim’s show on all types of creatures, some bigger than others.

The Jungle Jim show was pretty amazing. He was pretty charismatic and tossed out a ridiculous amount of facts at the kiddos, all the while holding their attention. It was a lot of fun and we learned a few new things.

For sure, a Terrific Tuesday.