I’m a little neurotic about cleaning. That might be an understatement. Not only do I enjoy cleaning but I have to clean. OCD-ish might be a better way to describe my behavior.

My mother probably helped contribute to my cleaning tendencies. We weren’t allowed to cut paper or play with play dough or anything else that might be messy. I longed with my whole being to do those things and had to make do without them.

So I’ve never restricted Little B in that regard. I dont care if a big ole mess is made whilst playing or creating something, as long as clean up follows I’m good to go. And having grown up in my house my boy does a phenomenal job of keeping his room clean, the bathroom spotless, and his toys away in their proper place.

So today, as we slowly eased into our day, I decided that Brooks’s room needed a little paring down. We have limited space and he’s been blessed with so many neat toys that periodically we have to go thru and pick out items for donation. Little B is great about gifting old toys, especially those he’s outgrown or ceased to play with.

His stuffed animals, on the other hand, are an entirely different story. That child loves anything remotely stuffed. To each his own, I say. The problem arises with where to store all these stuffed creatures. I will say he does play with them everyday but after a while there are just too many.

We’ve kept the stuffed animals in his castle but my girls, the boxers, have decided that it makes for a cozy place to lay down. And Brooksy can’t even go in there to play anymore, so we pared the whole thing down today. O told him he could keep ten and the rest would be donated to charity. After a few tears he selected all the ones he doesn’t play with, and just loves on, and placed his “keeps” in a basket in he castle.

Afterwards we tackled his closet, pulling out toys he’s outgrown. I’m always proud of him when we do this. I don’t want BB growing up excessively tied to material things, hoarding them and storing hem when someone else could be blessed by them.

So we had a pretty easy day. The kiddos spent most of the day entertaining themselves. At one point they out on a dance show, created their own obstacle course, sketched with pencils in notebooks, ran around pretending to be pirates, and played with he puppies. It was a good day. I love to see how busy they keep themselves. For sure, never a dull moment around here!!