We are in such a good rhythm, mid-deployment, that I almost feel guilty about it. I’m chalking it up to this being our fifth deployment, because nohing else makes sense; either way, I am super thankful.

For myself, for my boy, for our whole little family.

Being stressless, regardless, is a blessing. I’m feeling that peace that surpases all understanding 🙂

On another note, we ushered in the official start of the summer, for our family at least. The opening of the pools on post always signify the end of school and the start of summer break

So today we headed to one of the pools on post for some water fun. The kiddos were excited; I was so beside myself I forgot the sunscreen, life vest for Marilyn, and goggles. Wow!

I love spending a few hours at the pool. If I left it to Brooks we’d be there all day. We’ve actually done that but the poor child is so pale all that sun exposure makes me squeamish. Poor kid. I always pack a bag full of toys, as well as a cooler full of homemade snacks, sandwiches, drinks, etc. The snacks are great because all that swimming makes the kiddos hungry and they can refuel and take breaks.

My favorite snack to make is black bean salad. True story. I only share that because I had run out of black beans. I think I’m going to try my hand at making tabouleh and falafel for next week. Yum!

After the pool we headed home
Afterwards we headed home for some Michael Jackson Wii fun before heading to the F4 kickoff at the Planeterium.

The F4 event, which stands for fourth Friday, was fantastic. Here were plenty of free snacks, video games, trivia contests, laser shows, and karaoke. I met our campfire kiddos and we had an informal field trip. A great time was had by all. Between the karaoke and lazed shows the kiddos stayed busy and happy.

I’m glad we made it out for the night!!!

I’m looking forward to tomorrow. We plan on keeping he focus, as much as possible, on the brave men and women who sacrificed all in service for our country.