I was in a bit of a quandary. With Memorial Day fast approaching, and several neat events occurring in the area, I wasn’t sure how we would spend our day. With all my heart I wanted to spend, at the least, a portion of our day helping to honor those who had served our country. But with Daddy Brooks deployed I worried that The Boy would get anxious or sad, so I was stumped.

I knew Harker Heights had a parade planned in the morning, but also knew that volunteers were needed to place flags on the graves of vets at the Killeen cemetery. So, and I don’t usually do this, I gave Little B the option of choosing.

As a military family, my kiddo gets the meaning of Memorial Day. I presumed that my kiddo would pick the parade. Parades are fun and his best friend was spending the night. They were sure to stay up all night and, as a consequence, be impossible to wake up.

But My Boy chose to help remember vets, to help honor them, to place flags on their graves. I was proud of him, of course. I lobe that he was able to look beyond himself to something bigger, something worthy of an effort, of a kindness.

So we headed out early, the three kids and I, and along with others in the community honored our vets. They deserve that, and so much more.