There are some unique aspects of being a military family. I’m sure most of us who have experienced a deployment or other long separation have had friends or acquaintances bemoan a short separation from their spouse due to job requirements. Mentally, I’ll admit it, I’ve rolled my eyes. Try saying, “See you later,” knowing full well the Earth will partially make it’s way around the sun only so we can get a short reprieve before they leave again. Melodramatic? Perhaps. But I’ve seen melodrama first hand from someone not looking facing a few days separation.

To be fair, I’ve always said that everyone is entitled to their feelings. I can’t walk in anyone’s shoes but my own. So the person who is beside themselves because their loved one is leaving for a few days…hey, that’s their reality and I’m sure it’s tough.

But getting back to my earlier point one of the unique aspects of being a military family that I’ve experienced the most is celebrating holidays early or late, or planning ahead for others so letters or packages make their way into our loved ones hands in time.

Procrastination is not possible. You have to plan ahead, bake, decorate, purchase items, print photos…whatever the case may be.

So with Father’s Day quickly approaching we are planning on spending tomorrow putting together an amazing Father’s Day care package for DBrooks. He deserves that and so much more. And when the actual holiday rolls around at least we’ll have the consolation of knowing he knows how much we are thinking of him, missing him, and loving him.